Tenant Representation

SCOTTI & ASSOCIATES, as part of our full line of real estate services, offers companies Tenant Representation services for their commercial space requirements.

For clients wishing to relocate office, retail and industrial facilities, our Tenant Rep services include free consultation to review and focus facility requirements and detail the approach to search for space customized to the client.

Scotti & Associates will help our clients clarify and specify their space needs, provide a full summary of available locations, work with our clients to qualify acceptable alternatives, develop a format to generate proposals from property owners (RFP) and help to negotiate the best terms on behalf of the client. The cost of these services is typically free to our Tenant Representation clients as our fee is normally paid by the property owner or owner’s representative. We regularly represent those looking to find and negotiate commercial property, warehouse space, office space, retail space, and other commercial properties for rent or for lease.

The personnel at Scotti & Associates have provided Tenant Rep services since 1981 and have a deep understanding and knowledge of our marketplace, giving our clients the best advice in the business because NO ONE KNOWS MORE ABOUT COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LEASES THAN PETER M. SCOTTI & ASSOCIATES, INC.

Need Tennant Representation for a Commercial real estate lease, office space, warehouse space, or industrial property leases?

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